Rhinoplasty NY: 2 Main Ways of Preoperational Analysis


Rhinoplasty is popular not only throughout the US, it’s one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the whole world. The main reason for such a popularity is that even a slight deformation of the nose can make the whole face imbalanced. Rhinoplasty NY is considered the best in the country by quality and surgeons’ professionalism.

Nose job NYC is also a challenging surgery, as the cartilage and nasal bones are fragile and need special care. For the rhinoplasty procedure to be performed at the best level, it’s necessary to discuss the desired result with the doctor and undergo the preoperational analysis of the nose. There are two main ways in which the analysis is done, and both of them are necessary for the best planning of the surgery.

Way 1st: Photographic Analysis Before Rhinoplasty NY

This is the first way (or step) of the analysis that should be done if one wants to get the best nose job surgeon NYC, and it requires the photos of the person’s face. There are 6 main views needed for analysis: frontal, basal, right and left oblique, right and left lateral. The lights are crucial while taking these photos, as the nose has to be seen naturally, with all details and shadows.

After all the photos are taken, the face on them is divided into parts for the doctor to see all the asymmetries and disproportions that have to be fixed by the rhinoplasty surgery. The photographic analysis done before New York rhinoplasty can also determine the thickness of the skin and soft tissues. This is important, as some patients don’t need large incisions as their soft tissues are almost transparent and the cartilage is seen through them. The patients with thick skin will need more work to be done and their rhinoplasty recovery period will last longer.

Taking these photos as the base, the doctor can create a digital version of the planned surgery results. This is an important point to discuss with your plastic surgeon, as the patient needs to see how his or her nose may look after the procedure is done. This helps avoid potential complaints from patients with unrealistic expectations.

Way 2nd: Physical Examination (External and Internal)

The second way of analyzing the nasal structure before the best rhinoplasty NYC is a physical examination, which is divided into external and internal. The first approach includes observation of the nose, when the doctor looks at the nasal function while the patient breathes patiently and sniffs. After the observation is finished, palpation is done to identify all the deformations of the bones and cartilages. It also helps determine the thickness of the skin, which is important for the recovery process and before and after rhinoplasty results.

Internal observation is done before nose job NYC to inspect the airways condition, abnormalities of cartilage, etc. Before revision rhinoplasty, it’s done to find out whether there is any septal cartilage left, as sometimes it’s removed during the surgery. This part of the analysis is crucial for those who need New York rhinoplasty to fix breathing troubles.

To Sum Up

Preoperational analysis of the nose is essential before any type of Rhinoplasty-NYC. No professional surgeon will schedule an operation without prior analyzing of your nose using two ways. The first one is digital, when the photos of your face are taken from 6 different angles. By dividing the pictures of the face in symmetrical parts, the doctor determines irregularities of the bones and cartilages that make the nose imbalanced. The second way of analyzing is physical, which includes observation and palpation of the nose to feel what the deformations are and how to fix them by the means of rhinoplasty.

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